Saga Pref. Information dissemination by utilizing Japan Discovery media tools

In 2018, the number of visitors from Malaysia to Kyushu was 10,559 (increased 22.6% from the previous year), and in the UK and Australia, was 24,259 (increased 18.8% from the previous year) and 17,685 (increased 7.0% from the previous year), each market is increasing, but the ratio of Kyushu visitors to Japan as a whole is about 2% of the total number of visitors to Japan , therefore, the further information dissemination is needed to improve Kyushu’s name recognition.

In cooperation with the Saga Tourism Federation, this project will utilize SNS, mainly Facebook which is used by over 65% of the population in each market to provide information on Saga prefecture’s attreactions in order to attract more customers. In addition, our company has been promoting tourist attractions on the popular online website “Pantip” for the Thai market as well.

◆ Example of Facebook post contents