We are developing and operating WEB system, Website, SNS including Facebook etc. according to needs and trends of overseas market.


SNS management for overseas market and advertisement


We utilize the popular Social network app, Facebook to send information on sightseeing spots mainly in Kyushu every day.
our Facebook pages are 7 pages in English, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean, Myanmar and have a total of approximately 360,000 fans.

【Facebook Page URL】

Thai  https://www.facebook.com/japan.discovery.thai/
Traditional Chinese  https://www.facebook.com/japan.discovery.tw.hk/
English  https://www.facebook.com/japan.kyushu.discovery/
Vietnamese  https://www.facebook.com/japan.discovery.vi/
Indonesian  https://www.facebook.com/japan.discovery.in/
Myanmar  https://www.facebook.com/japan.discovery.my/

Kyushu Tourism Information Site “JAPAN DISCOVERY” 

Plan your trip tool

Approximately 70% of tourists visiting Japan are individual travelers. On this site, we provide a tool that allows you to select a sightseeing spot, accommodation facility, etc. that you want to go and set a travel schedule while checking distance and time between spots on the map. Of course, while setting up a schedule, you can book accommodation as well.


Offer in 10 languages

Currently it supports 10 languages English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Myanmar, Japanese, and more than 130 countries are browsing this site.

Information and review by foreigners who live in Japan

We have exclusive writers who are foreigners living in Japan. They post Kyushu travel stories and recommended information from a foreign perspective.

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Tourist spot info especially in Kyushu

We are providing information about Tourism · Accommodation · Transportation · Hot Spring · Japanese Food · Shopping · Ryokan · Traditional Crafts · Specialty Products · Experience Facilities and etc.  for the East Asia · ASEAN Region travelers