Kyushu Travel by rail promotion to Thai market

This project, in cooperation with the Kyusyu Transportation Bureau and JR Kyushu, aims to increase awareness of Kyushu as a whole and create demand for visiting Japan throughout the year by creating content and information dissemination with a main theme of “Kyushu Railway Travel” to a wide range of FIT visitors. The main target is the high- to middle-income people in their 20s and 40s, who repeating visit Japan in the Thai market.

We invited two influencers: One is a talented actress. She has a total of about 2.1 million followers on her SNS. The another one is also an actress, who is popular especially among FIT visitors to Japan, and experienced in visiting local cities in Japan before.

We invited the 2 influencers and conducted a famtour in October 2019. The image of the tour is as followings;

◆Images of the tour





Moreover, at the FIT Fair, the 2 influencers who came to the invitation tour also made a presentation to convey the charm of Kyushu.

◆Images of the FIT fair and the presentation made by the influencers