Famtour with the top Indonesian Youtuber “Edhozell”

In this project we invited the famous Youtuber “Edho Zell” who is the top Youtuber in Indonesia to cooperate with Fukuoka prefecture and Saga prefecture, and introducing attractive tourist spots of Fukuoka prefecture and Saga prefecture on social media, which will lead to an increase of the awareness and the number of tourists from Indonesia where population is large and future customers can be expected.

【Image of the tour】





◆Youtube Video
Part1 Kitakyushu · Uminonakamichi Seaside Park (19:00)

Part2 Dazaifu · Strawberry picking · Yanagawa River cruise (15:42)

Part3 Yoshinogari History Park · Green Tea experience · Yutoku Inari shrine(21:36)

Part4 Karatsu Burger · Takeo Shrine · Okawauchiyama · Yobuko (23:17)

Part5 Local Gourmet (Ramen, Mentaiko) (21:07)