Creating Web content for raising awareness in the UK, US, Australia

We invited people from the UK, the US, and Australia who recently living in Kyushu to go experience Kyushu, Japan and sightseeing tourist spots. After that, they will introduce the experiences and the itinerary by writing on the website that we design to improve Kyushu’s awareness of tourism


UK citizen

He is a professional cameraman that have been living in Kyushu for 5 years.

Travel Theme:「History・Culture and Onsen」in late November 1N2D

Experiences:Japanese heritage and culture, Hidden Christian History, Onsen

②US Citizen

32 years of living in Kyushu, He works as a consultant connected local businesses to the US.

Travel Theme:「Interact with locals and Onsen」in late November 2N3D

Experiences:Agriculture experience, Rural lodging, Onsen, Sand Baht

Australia Citizen

She is a graphic designer who has been in Kyushu for 1.5 years.

Travel Theme:「Sport & Beautiful Nature」in late November 2N3D

Experiences:Ice skating, Skiing, Mt.Aso, Takachiho

Their works are being published on Kyushu Travel Diary Website.