Malaysia & Indonesia Famtour for Travel Agencies&Media

In cooperation with the Kyushu Bureau of Transportation and the Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization, targeting individual travelers and group travelers (Malaysia), high-income groups (Indonesia), and Muslims, to promote the Kyushu’s charm and travel products, We have invited the local travel agencies and Media in both markets. Some tourist spots and other materials collected during the tour were posted on the web version of KOMPAS, Indonesia’s largest daily newspaper. The state of the tour and posted articles are as follows.

◆Image of the Tour and Business meeting




◆Article posted in the Web version of KOMPAS, Indonesia’s largest daily newspaper

Kyushu Famtrip, Kuil Aoshima dan Fenomena “Papan Cuci Raksasa”(青島神社に関する記事)

Kyushu Famtrip, Rasa “Ayam Nanban” yang Membekas(宮崎の人気料理 チキン南蛮に関する記事)

Sensasi “Mengubur Diri” di Pasir Panas Kagoshima, Jepang(指宿・砂蒸し風呂に関する記事)

Panorama Elok Negeri Asal “The Last Samurai” di Kagoshima(仙厳園に関する記事)