Media International Co. Ltd. (which shall be referred to hereafter as “the company”) understands that personal information is important in the highly-advanced communication that society has today. The company also recognizes the important obligation of properly handling personal information. The company therefore declares to make an effort to protect personal information based on the following policies.


Compliance with laws and regulations for the protection of personal information
When the company acquires personal information, it will do so through legitimate and fair means, and will make the effort to clarify the purpose of use.


Use of personal information
The purpose of the personal information which the company will acquire shall be made known at the time of acquisition. It may also be used within the range of reasonable relevance and for the necessity of business performance. In addition, should there be a need for any third party to be entrusted with personal information, the company shall supervise the appropriate use of the personal information jointly used by third and other parties.


Provision of personal information to third parties
With the exception of provided laws and regulations, the company will not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the actual person beforehand.


Management of personal information
The company implements necessary and appropriate security measures in order to keep the personal information accurate and up-to-date and to prevent personal information loss, manipulation, and leakage.


Disclosure, correction, suspension, and removal of personal information
The company recognizes the right of the user to seek legal disclosure, correction, suspension, or elimination of their personal information. With the establishment of a personal information assistance service, should there be any requests for the aforementioned, the company will promptly deal with the matter in accordance with the Japanese laws and regulations.


System and organization
The company enforces a system to properly handle personal information as well as implements appropriate management of personal information for business use.


Development and implementation of personal information protection office rules
The company has devised personal information protection office rules, which are always maintained in their best condition through continuous improvement and enforcement as common knowledge throughout the company through training and education, in order to carry out this privacy policy.