Philippines & Vietnam Famtour for Travel Agencies&Media

Philippines & Vietnam, the two markets where the economic growth in recent years are remarkably developing plus the increase in the population are important markets to raise the visit to Kyushu in the future. We are in cooperation with Kyushu Transport Bureau and Kyushu Tourism Promotion organization aiming to attract the tourists from both countries.
In this project, we are targeting high to middle-income groups by inviting travel companies who are handling group tour from both the Philippines and Viet Nam, and inviting web media with the ability to disseminate information in each country. To the Philippines, many Catholic people in the Philippines share the history of the Christians in Nagasaki by introducing Christian-related facilities to the World Heritage sites. For Viet Nam, We introduce the experience that can only be tasted in Japan for the incentive group, and convey the charm of the sightseeing of Kyushu. We are also holding a business meeting during the invitation with local travel companies and tourism-related companies in Kyushu, and promote the development and sale of travel products to Japan.
The invitation tour and the business meeting were held in August, 30, 2018. The tour image is as follows.

◆Image of the tour